Hello world!

November 27, 2009

Hello family and friends.  Hope you have fun following our newest adventure. A month after we moved into our home in 1993 I read this in a feng shui book: “If you can see your toilet from the front door or at the top of your stairs, your fortune will go down the toilet.” Well, at least we’ll be supporting a community of craftsmen and having a good time doing it.

Over the next few months our home will be transformed.  At the end we will have a well-insulated home with a roof that sheds snow, windows that keep out drafts, floor joists that tie the weight bearing walls together instead of going parallel to them, concrete filled lolly columns that hold the place up, a root cellar, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms, with two having real closets and one having seasonal views of the river.  And the fact that it will take a crane to take off our old 2×4 flat roof and put up the new walls and roof just adds to the neighborhood excitement!

We’re hoping well-chosen pictures will help you share the fun.